Land of Shadow


R699 per m²


‘Winter seemed conquering her spring;

the mind’s soil freezing gradually

to barren stagnation


Those who have sojourned at this spot,

know its stark climate

Its pitiless wastes


There is neither light nor growth

All human company is obscured by shadow

No rest is possible;

the atmosphere is full of demons

agitating the nerves to a pitch of frenzy


There is no calm;

the air is rent with a howling,

coming from the very centre of oneself


There is no escape;

We live in inhospitable climes

placing foot after weary foot

determined to go on until we find once more,

the light

The barren landscape persists;

We look on the thought of death with a quiet eye

With hope that some solitary soul

is peacefully rowed to the Land of Shadow


The fabric of the sky is fading;

we should build a nest for ourselves

With pleasant thoughts and good deeds

fashion a shelter for our souls

and with a blush,

the heavens will begin to groom themselves

for new days’


VaL Smit ©