The Novice


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‘You sit listening to a tale,

delightful sometimes,

sometimes sad,



Your world is heroic;

its inhabitants half-divine or semi-demon;

Its scenes dream-scenes


Drawing near the confines of illusive, void dreams,

the shores of reality rise in front

these shores are yet distant;

they look so blue, soft and gentle;

You long to reach them.


In sunshine you see greenness beneath the azure,

as of spring meadows;

You catch glimpses of silver lines,

and imagine the roll of living waters


Some stream of sorrow

as cold and almost as black as death,

is to be crossed

before true bliss can be tasted

Every joy that life offers must be earned


Life is to be entered,

and her humbling, crushing, grinding,

but yet purifying and invigorating lessons,

are yet to be learned

Hope when she smiles on you,

will promise happiness tomorrow’

VaL Smit ©