Woman, Imprimis


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‘A forest valley, with deep profundity of shade,

formed by tree crowding on tree,

descends deep before me.

The oak roots, turfed and mossed,

gave me a seat;

the oak boughs, thick-leaved,

wove me a canopy.


There is something in the air of this clime

which fosters life kindly.

Its dews heals with sovereign balm.

Its gentle seasons exaggerate no passion;

its temperature tends to harmony;

its breezes bring down from heaven

the germ of pure thought and purer feeling.


In all the grandeur of this forest

there is repose;

in all its freshness

there is tenderness.

The gentle charm vouchsafed to flower and tree,

has not been denied to me.


Nature cast my features in a fine mould;

I have matured in my pure, accurate first lines,

unaltered by the shocks of life.

My form gleams through the trees;

my hair flows plenteous and glossy;

my eyes beam in the shade large and open,

full and dewy.


Above my eyes,

when the breeze bares my forehead,

shines an expanse fair and ample –

a clear page

whereon knowledge may write a golden letter’


VaL Smit ©